“Lucia” by Laetitia Richter _ Oil and acrylic on wood _ 1200 Euro

About the Artwork
This painting shows a nude woman reclining in a relaxed and carefree attitude. The model is not posing for a viewer but rather seems to be absent minded – her eyes drift off into space seeking to escape the present and being preoccupied with her own thoughts. The artist often plays with the formal elements of 20th century modernist movements and embeds contemporary narratives into figurative painting history while raising questions about the representation of the female body.

Details & Dimenstions
Unique original artwork, signed by the artist
Technique: Acrylic on wood
Dimemsions (unframed): 30 x 40 cm
Price (unframed): 1200 Euro

Shipment, Payment & Returns

Shipping usually takes up to 7 -10 days
Logistics by professional partners DHL and UPS
Shipping costs included, no extra charges
Free 14 days return
Payment by invoice: please contact us at contact@coaxmag.de

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